闽商·泉温文化传媒专为品牌咨询及设计开发而服务,业务类型涵盖品牌策略咨询、设计、沟通和传播等领域,致力于企业证书咨询/形象策划/样本设计印刷/网站建设/多媒体拍摄/产品动画/户外广告等服务项目。团队凝聚多名优秀专业人才,擅于从市场和消费者角度出发,糅合商业战略、品牌管理、市场营销及整合传播,并由著名设计师 Cosear 担任创作领队,强大的设计能力与创意技巧以及对客户的意图深刻领悟性和把控性,使得我们的设计作品与众不同,不仅只达到客户的要求,更符合客户的市场,让客户的投入立竿见影并长期产生反馈力和驱动力。 


       我们始终秉持努力打造、服务一流品牌的信念,凭借多年专业对泵阀企业、品牌、市场的深层理解,长期为众多中国知名企业提供成功策划及证书咨询服务 ─── 中国天工阀门集团、上海良工阀门厂、中国上五阀门、中国宣达实业集团、河南开封高压阀门有限公司、上海明珠阀门集团、上海中压阀门厂、天津卡尔斯阀门、天津中核阀门、天津海西龙阀门、浙江皇冠实业、浙江汉特姆阀门、苏高阀门、连成泵业、法尔泵业、创新泵业、铁岭阀门、中国正茂阀门、中国信泰阀门、中国京东阀门、扬州扬修电力等。我们以创新、高效、专业的优势,力争成为更多知名企业的忠实合作伙伴。


    Minshang Quan Wen culture media for brand consulting and design and development services, business consulting, brand strategy covers design, communication and communication, is committed to corporate image planning consulting / Certificate / sample design printing / website / Multimedia / products / animation shooting outdoor advertising and other services. Team cohesion more excellent professional talents, good from the market and the consumer perspective, combining business strategy, brand management, marketing and communication, and by the famous designer Cosear as a creative leader, design ability and creative skills and strong customer intention and profound understanding of the controllability, makes our design work out of the ordinary. Not only to meet the requirements of customers, more in line with the customer market, let the customer's immediate and long-term investment to produce feedback force and driving force.

      We always uphold the service, strive to build first-class brand of faith, with many years of professional valve company, on a deep understanding of brand, market, long-term Chinese for many well-known enterprises to provide successful planning and consulting service certificate -- China Tiangong valve group, Shanghai Lianggong valve door factory, Chinese five valves, Chinese Xuanda Industrial group, Henan Kaifeng High Pressure Valve Co., Shanghai pearl valve group, Shanghai valve factory, Tianjin medium pressure valves, nuclear valves, Carlsberg Tianjin Tianjin Haixilong valve, Zhejiang crown industry, Zhejiang hantemu valve, valve, pump, Sukau connected pump, pump, fire valves, Chinese innovation Tieling, China Zhengmao valve Xintai valve, China Jingdong the valve, Yang Yangzhou electric power repair. We are innovative, efficient, professional advantages, and strive to become more loyal partners of well-known enterprises.